Anne Thalheimer for Holyoke City Council Ward 3

Anne N. Thalheimer is the forward-thinking, constituent-oriented Ward 3 candidate running for Holyoke City Council. A long-time Elmwood resident, Anne is passionate about making city government accessible and getting Holyoke residents excited about local government.

A Focus on Issues

Commissioning a comprehensive ward-wide traffic study, particularly aimed at traffic calming on small cut-through streets

Organizing neighborhood cleanups

Promoting residents rights

Re-introducing regulations allowing residents to keep backyard hens for personal use

Translation and interpretation services for City Council meetings

Making city government more responsive, responsible, and respectful

September 8, 2019

Anne’s Endorsements

Anne's campaign has been endorsed by both the Bay State Stonewall Democrats and the College Democrats of Massachusetts. Take a look at their endorsement graphics for her, below.Bay State Stonewall…
The brick facade of Peck School with letters declaring the name of the school. Policy
September 6, 2019

On Education

I've been an educator for over 20 years, teaching in a variety of programs. I put myself through graduate school by teaching and work with English language learners at Yale.…
Voter and Election Information
June 29, 2019

How to check your voter registration

Have you checked your voter registration status lately? You might want to, especially if you have moved, to make sure you're registered to vote at your current and correct address.…