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Anne Thalheimer, Holyoke resident and city council candidate

Make Anne N. Thalheimer the new Ward 3 representative on Holyoke City Council

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Anne N. Thalheimer is the forward-thinking, constituent-oriented Ward 3 candidate running for Holyoke City Council. A long-time Elmwood resident, Anne is passionate about making city government accessible and getting Holyoke residents excited about local government.

Anne plans to address the following constituent concerns she has heard from Ward 3 residents over the past two years:

  • Commissioning a comprehensive ward-wide traffic study, particularly aimed at traffic calming on small cut-through streets
  • Organizing neighborhood cleanups
  • Promoting residents rights
  • Re-introducing regulations allowing residents to keep backyard hens for personal use
  • Translation and interpretation services for City Council meetings
  • Making city government more responsive, responsible, and respectful