Anne’s Endorsements

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Anne’s campaign has been endorsed by both the Bay State Stonewall Democrats and the College Democrats of Massachusetts. Take a look at their endorsement graphics for her, below.

Anne Thalheimer, Holyoke City Council Ward 3, Bay State Stonewall Democrats, Endorsed Candidate
Bay State Stonewall Democrats endorse Anne Thalheimer for Holyoke City Council Ward 3
College Dems of MA endorsement image for Anne Thalheimer

Anne Thalheimer cares deeply about uplifting young voices and has bold plans to ensure that college students of Holyoke are supported and have a seat at the table. She has already done incredible work for the community, and we have no doubt that she will do incredible work as an elected official. College Democrats of Massachusetts is proud to support her campaign.

The brick facade of Peck School with letters declaring the name of the school.

On Education

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I’ve been an educator for over 20 years, teaching in a variety of programs. I put myself through graduate school by teaching and work with English language learners at Yale. I design and teach after school art courses in public schools, and that work has taken me to schools in Holyoke as well, including Holyoke High School and Dean Tech — and Peck. Having worked at Peck, I have seen, first-hand, what the School Facilities Report details: Peck is outdated and absolutely does not meet the needs of our student population.
We can not afford not to invest in these schools, both for the health of our community and for the value of our real estate. We are all wary of additional taxes, and hope to see more conversations from the city about creative solutions for those who might be most adversely impacted and for whom additional expenses may be prohibitive. We must be mindful as well about the impact of additional costs on the increasingly difficult residential rental market in Holyoke; increases such as these are often directly passed on to renters to absorb.  But over time, we will see operating costs decrease as we move toward more efficient use of utilities and resources, and we will be able to keep more students from Holyoke in Holyoke schools instead of having them choice out of the city for education elsewhere. We will be able to directly invest in the both the city’s infrastructure and its future through this building project, and I intend to vote YES in November on our ballot question.
View of the fifty yard line of Roberts Field football field at sunset
Anne Thalheimer, Holyoke resident and city council candidate

Make Anne N. Thalheimer the new Ward 3 representative on Holyoke City Council

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Anne N. Thalheimer is the forward-thinking, constituent-oriented Ward 3 candidate running for Holyoke City Council. A long-time Elmwood resident, Anne is passionate about making city government accessible and getting Holyoke residents excited about local government.

Anne plans to address the following constituent concerns she has heard from Ward 3 residents over the past two years:

  • Commissioning a comprehensive ward-wide traffic study, particularly aimed at traffic calming on small cut-through streets
  • Organizing neighborhood cleanups
  • Promoting residents rights
  • Re-introducing regulations allowing residents to keep backyard hens for personal use
  • Translation and interpretation services for City Council meetings
  • Making city government more responsive, responsible, and respectful